Fibre optic cables

The fibre optic cable (LWL) represents a secure solution for reliably transmitting data in machines and systems. As an alternative to bus cables, fibre optic cables are excellently suited because they can be used for any bus system, which means that the cables do not have to be replaced with new bus systems. We have three fibre types in our portfolio for industrial data communication, which can be used regardless of the type of field bus used: single mode, multimode and plastic fibres (POF). All LWL fibres are specially developed and tested for mechanical continuous movement. chainflex® fibre optics enable transmission lengths of several 100 meters and are characterized by maximum EMC protection for the data to be transmitted. Our fibre optic cables can be used for bending radii in the energy chain of up to 5 x d and are made of the following jacket materials: PVC, PUR or TPE. Find the right type of fibre optic cable in our shop and buy easily and conveniently online!

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